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Snarky Set of 5 black in ballpoint pens!

If you're like us, and the thought of seeing another thing that says "hustle harder" makes you gag, this pen set will help settle your stomach!

Pens read:

You've already peaked

Everyone's judging you

You're for sure getting fired

That idea is garbage

Your face is weird

Work Sucks says

Never to Early to Start Dreading Monday

I'm Starting to feel Sick Tomorrow

This Meeting Could have been an Email

Same Thing, Different Day

Personally Victimized By My Daily Alarm Clock

Nurse Pens Say

I know I look Tired Thanks

I miss sitting Down

Here to save your butt, Not Kiss it

Best Freaking Nurse Ever

Can't Fix Stupid, But we can sedate it..

Teachers Pens say :

Coffee teach wine repeat

Dreaming of Summer Break

Grade now, Pay later

I teach therefore I drink

Teaching for the Money and fame

Adulthood pen sets :

Very reluctant adult

Growing up was the dumbest thing I ever done

Lover of Cancelled plans

I need an adultier adult

So much for knowing everything when im older

Parenting pens say :

It takes a village and a Vineyard

sorry im late I have Kids

I love my ungrateful children

My parenting style is called survivalist

RIP Sleeping in

Customer Service Pens :

The customer is always wrong

Outward smiles, Inward screams

sorry, I'm on break

I dot know. I just work here

here to help ! please just leave me alone

Anxiety Pens

Omg are you mad at Me

BRB let me overthink this

Even my Anxiety has Anxiety

I came I saw I had Anxiety so I left

Cant wait to worry about everything Today

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