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Golden Girls Wood Sign Kit (With Trivia Party Option)

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You choose where you want to paint and what you want to paint! Swipe left on the product photo to view the sign and paint color choices.

You can custom paint your sign however you want. These will be done on a 10"x14" board.

For pick ups, please allow 2 business days to process your order

Choose your sign and we will custom cut your stencil, package it up with your supplies and have it ready for pick up or we can ship it out to you.

The supplies in your kit will include everything you need to make the sign of your choice including written instructions and a Youtube sign stencil tutorial if needed!

Want to make it a party at home?? Request our trivia questions and answers with your kit at no extra charge! Make sure only ONE person in your party requests the trivia to keep it fair!

Provide your own: Paper plate, napkins, a rinse cup, and of course, your favorite beverage and be sure to cover your table surface to protect if from the paint and wear an apron or something that you don't mind getting ruined. Acrylic paint washes off your skin, but on clothing and some surfaces it's permanent.

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